How to buy Ripsnore™

Simply purchase Ripsnoreā„¢ online for the low price of $67 and you will receive 2 Ripsnoreā„¢ devices with a protective container, fitting spacers, detailed instructions with shipping included.

You can rest easy with all Canadian orders shipping directly from Ottawa and sent First Class Mail.

The 100% Satisfaction warranty

This is the total proof of how much we believe in our product . Simply follow the easy Ripsnoreā„¢ fitting instructions and if you don't see an 80-100% reduction in your snoring - simply return the device within 45 days and we'll refund all your money, no questions asked. Itā€™s an unbelievable offer, order now risk free. Each device is also covered by a 6-month, full replacement guarantee to protect against manufacturing defects. Get a great deal - and a good night's sleep!

Get a great deal - and a good night's sleep!

stop snoring

stop snoring

Retail Outlets

LifeSupply: 2136 Hastings E, Vancouver, BC, V5L 1V1
Ph: 604.336.0622
Life Supply
Purchase Ripsnore™ to rest in peace
stop snoring
stop snoring
stop snoring

stop snoring now

For Cheque and money orders: Please make payable to Ripsnore the amount of CAD $79.95 (inc shipping) and include your delivery address.

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For any other questions or queries regarding orders please contact us via;
Phone : 613-355-6496
International Ph: +1 613-355-6496