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About Ripsnore

Ripsnore is a mouthpiece Mandibular Advancement Splint (MAS) that will reduce or stop snoring.  It is registered with the Therapeutic Goods Association as a class one medical device and is made of Dynaflex plastic which is BPA free.  Ripsnore has a 98% success rate, when fitted correctly, and retails in over 750 chemists and CPAP clinics nationally.

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Why do some people snore?

  • Age: Once your customers reach middle age their throat becomes narrower and throat muscle tone decreases.
  • Being obese or overweight: Fatty tissue around the neck or throat plus poor muscle tissue can lead to snoring.
  • Nasal congestion: Mucus which blocks the airways and makes breathing difficult can lead to snoring.
  • Alcohol, medications and smoking: All of these increases muscle relaxation, leading to snoring.
  • Sleep position: Sleeping on your back can cause the flesh in your throat to relax which can also cause snoring.
  • Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA): Breathing during sleep is disrupted and will lead to snoring.

The Sleep Heath/Anti snoring market has a range of other mouth pieces and devices with low rates of success.  Be aware of imitations.

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I’m writing to you to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your amazing product!

I have endured trying to sleep next to what only can be described as a “chainsaw” for years and was coming to my wits end!

Apart from moving out of the bedroom I had run out of ideas? By chance I happened to read an article about Ripsnore and thought what do I have to loose? So I went to the local chemist and bought one for my husband. As it turns out I had nothing to loose and everything to gain, it’s amazing! It stopped his snoring immediately! Add to that he is now getting a full nights sleep, is no longer tired during the day and I am sleeping without a chainsaw next to me!

I can’t praise this simple, practical and effective Ripsnore enough, it really has changed our lives!

Thank you so much again!

Martina B

I bought the RIPSNORE last month and it has worked great. It took 3 turns to get the fit just right, but it was totally worth it – my snoring stopped the first night. This product has really changed my life as I never realized how much of a good night’s sleep I have missed out on until now. Once again, thank you very much.

Tim Walker Richmond, Victoria

I purchased the RIPSNORE about three weeks ago for my flatmate who snored like crazy. He was totally against it because he did not believe he snored that badly. I told him that if he did not at least try it, I would have to get a new flatmate. Anyway, the device worked straight away and we are both now getting a great night’s sleep (and a lot less fighting). Thanks for the great product! Keep up the good work.

Amy Woods Sydney, New South Wales

The incredible thing was that RIPSNORE really does work!! After the first couple of days, my wife complained that I was so quiet it freaked her out!

Lachlan Campbell Greenslopes , Brisbane.

EERILY QUIET!!! That is how my partner described the first night that I wore the device. I had no discomfort at any time and it was easy to fit. I am telling everyone I know about it. I am feeling more rested with less sleep thanks to your device. Thank you

Kitchy Burdette Soquel , CA

RIPSNORE has solved our problem and it only took me about 3 nights to get used to it. My husband is so happy and it works great with my dentures. Thank you very much

Margaret Read Hamilton, Brisbane

Hi - your product has been very effective. Just a quick thank you for helping out my relationship

Mike Burns Oxley, Queensland

We don’t usually post testimonials because of the volume however, I did meet Simon at the APP2019 and made him a promise. So….

Hi Rohan,

I wish to thank you for suggesting your Ripsnore product to me. Since using it I have stopped snoring and find I have a better sleep. My partner reminds me if I don’t have it in that she will also not have a full sleep so it is a must have each night.

After going to a sleep apnoea doctor and having all the test I have found out I don’t have sleep apnoea. This still raised the question on my snoring. With many different products and Ripsnore is low cost, works and is simple to use without effecting your partner. Only upside is better sleep for the family and me

Simon V